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Nikolia Kuznetsov



By: Mr. A.Himself
Entertainment LLC 
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Title: Rising Shadows: Nikolai’s Ascent


In the dark underbelly of St. Petersburg’s criminal underworld, Nikolai Kuznetsov, known as “Niko,” was born under the sinister sign of Gemini. His adaptability, intelligence, and communication skills would soon pave the way for his ruthless rise to power.


Niko’s journey began in the very city where he was born, amidst the opulence of his family’s mansion. It was there that his first memory was etched into his young mind—a secret drug deal conducted in a hidden room. This introduction to crime planted the seed of ambition in young Niko.


Raised in criminal exposure, he stomped his way through the underworld. But it was his father, Ivan Kuznetsov, who held the reins of the family’s criminal empire. The relationship between father and son deepened but right after their bond grew Ivan was arrested by the authorities. That was Niko’s teenage years. Niko chose to distance himself, pursuing his own path to power.


Niko’s greatest triumph was all the things he learned from his father throughout life, before he was arrested. But, that event solidified his determination to build his family’s criminal legacy anew.


Niko’s return to St. Petersburg was marked by a newfound sense of purpose. With an athletic build and brown eyes, he embodied the grit of a man on a mission. The tattoo of a Russian prison gang symbol that marked his body showed off his ascent through the ruthless ranks of the underworld.


As a criminal mastermind, Niko was a leader, calm and composed, who managed resources with precision. His deep voice resonated with authority, and a strong Russian accent served as a chilling reminder of his heritage.


On the streets of Russia, he was a force to be reckoned with. Niko ordered hits, conquered territories, and disposed of those too significant to delegate. His intelligence and strategic mind made him a formidable adversary, and his loyalty to trusted associates forged an impenetrable network.


Yet, in the shadows of power, Niko found an unexpected light. Irina, his mother, shared more than just a name with his wife, Irina. The complexity of their relationships added layers to his character. His bond with his sister, Elena, became his anchor, as they both sought to further the criminal empire in their own ways to better their families’ lifestyle amidst the criminal world.


Niko’s enemies were rival crime bosses, and his friends were those who operated in the shadows with him. He never dreamt of escaping from the criminal world. He had a desire for criminal growth beyond Russia, just as his father did.

Here is where you can find our latest information on Niko 

Full Name: Nikolai Kuznetsov

Reason or Meaning: Nikolai is a common Russian name, often associated with victory. Kuznetsov is a patronymic surname derived from the Russian word "kuznets," meaning blacksmith.


Nick Name: "Niko"

Reason or Meaning: A shortened version of his first name, commonly used by friends and associates.


Birthday: June 15th

age: 23

Zodiac: Gemini

Horoscope: Geminis are known for their adaptability, intelligence, and communication skills. These traits may have played a role in Nikolai's ability to navigate the criminal world within the prison.


Birth Place: St. Petersburg, Russia

Nationality: Russian

Skin tone: Fair


Physical Appearance & Characteristics


Eye Color: Brown

Glasses? Style?: No glasses

Hair Color: Dark brown

Hair Style: Short and neatly groomed

Height/Weight/Build: 6'2" tall, 190 lbs, athletic build

Notable Features: A tattoo of a Russian prison gang symbol on his left forearm

Marks or Scars: A scar on his right cheek from a prison brawl

Jewelry/Accessories: Silver cross necklace, a symbol of his Russian Orthodox faith

Clothing: Typically wears a white undershirt and black pants, the unofficial uniform of his position in the prison

Dominant Hand: Right

Blood Type: A positive

Health &/Or Allergies: Generally healthy, no known allergies




Speech Style: Calm and measured, with a deep voice

Accent: A strong Russian accent, a reminder of his heritage

Quirks: Often taps his fingers when deep in thought

Temperament: Stoic and composed, rarely loses his temper

Positive Traits: Intelligent, strategic, loyal

Talents: Skilled at negotiation and mediation, excellent at managing resources

Negative Traits: Involvement in criminal activities, secretive

Flaws: A tendency to be overly cautious, which can hinder quick decision-making

Drives/Motivations: Desire for independence, personal growth, and maintaining his principles

Sense of Humor: Dry and subtle, appreciates dark humor


Are They Generally?


Private/Public: Highly private about his personal life, but public as a crime boss within the prison

Loud/Quiet: Quiet and composed

Leader/Follower: A natural leader in his criminal endeavors

Messy/Organized: Highly organized in his operations

Daredevil/Cautious: Cautious in his decision-making

Solo/Team Player: Capable of both, depending on the situation

Pessimist/Optimist/Realist: Realist

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert

Speaker/Listener: More of a listener than a speaker

Relaxed/Serious: Serious, especially in matters of business




Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia

Type of Childhood: Challenging, given his family's criminal ties

Social Class: Upper-class due to his family's wealth and influence

Upbringing: Raised with a mix of privilege and exposure to criminal activities

Education: Graduated from a prestigious business school with a degree in Business Management

Best Qualification: MBA in Business Management

First Memory: Witnessing a drug deal in a hidden room of his family's mansion

Worst Memory: His father's arrest by the authorities when he was a teenager

Best Memory: Graduating from business school with honors

Most Important Childhood Event. Why?: Witnessing the drug deal, as it ignited his desire to create a different path in life.

Most Influenced By: His desire to break free from his family's criminal legacy

Role Model: None

Where Does Character Live? With Who?: In the prison, he has his own cell, affording him some privacy and security. His cellmate is a trusted associate who assists in his operations.

Where Does the Character Want To Live? Why?: Dream of living a life outside of prison, far away from the criminal world he's immersed in.




Mother/Guardian: Irina L. Kuznetsova

Relationship with Her: He loves his mother. She tought him a lot about the criminal underworld before his father started to reconize his portentual.

Father/Guardian: Ivan Kuznetsov

Relationship with Him: He love his father, but Niko distance himself from his father's criminal empire.

Siblings/Cousin: Viktor Kuznetsov (Cousin), Natailia Kuznetsova (Sister) Elena Kuznetsova (Sister)

Relationship with Each: Varied, influenced by their roles in the family business.


Children/Grandchildren/Niece/Nephew: None


Close Family: His sister Elena, who also seeks a more legitimate life.

Extended Family: Various distant relatives involved in the Russian Mafia.

Pets: None

Spouse/Lover/Beneficial Friend: Irina S. Kuznetsov. Secretly known as Mother Russia.

Friends: Trusted associates within the prison, those he does business with.

Enemies: Rival crime bosses, those who threaten his control within the prison.

Co-Worker/Partner: Criminal associates who work with him in the drug trade.

Boss/Employer: Himself, as the leader of his criminal operations within the prison.

Kuznetsov Family Tree

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