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The mission is simple, ENTERTAINMENT beyond comparison. MAHE (Mr. Anayveace Himself Entertainment) plans to get each reader involved in more ways than ever thought possible. MAHE.LLC will soon not only be your source of entertainment, but it may also be a source of income. That is our mission. To get you paid for your time of being entertained. It's your time; get paid for it.

Currently, we are looking to invest in video footage of our characters in action. We often use the word "we" at MAHE (Mr. Anayveace Himself Entertainment), but unfortunately, it's a one-man show. That said, manpower and funding is not a luxury at this moment. But, we invest time into our projects here, and we are determined to push forward in ways that we wish that we could share.

At this current moment, we are only on Facebook. Other networking site's will be of use in the near future. We do welcome any and all comments, E-mails, and messages.

I am Mr. Anayveace Twine Himself and I look forward to keeping you all entertained. Here at M.A.H.E. LLC, we like to fly beyond possibilities. I promise everyone here, that you are in for one hell of a ride.

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A New way of Entertainment

Anayveace Twine provides readers with a whole new way of storytelling. Here you will be able to really gain a bond with each character. We give the readers the oppertunity to choose which character(s) they favor most and dive head first into the story, from the chosen character's point of view.