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A short story by M.Dawn

The ZombMeds!

Dr. Kira was starting to regret eating the food at the hospital cafeteria. She’d just finished up with her latest patient before she headed to the bathroom, disregarding the screaming and crying sounds from behind her. It was not uncommon at a hospital.
As she sat on the toilet seat, strange groaning sounds came from beside her.
“Are you okay?” she asked her stall mate. “I can assist, once I expel the contents of my colon.” With one last grunt, she was done. She quickly cleaned herself up, then popped a Tylenol with Codeine pill.
She went to the next stall. The door was open. “Hello?” she called out, gently knocking. “Do you need assistance?”
Then she pushed the door aside.
“Arghhh!” cried out what was once a woman. Her skin was dark grey, and her eyes were lime green. Her lips had receded from her mouth, exposing teeth covered in blood.
Dr. Kira looked down at the remains of what must have been another human on the ground.
She grabbed the door handle and pulled it shut.
That’s when she heard crying and screaming from the hallway.
Another woman ran into the washroom, then frantically clicked the deadbolt lock on the door.
“What’s happening, Dr. Cavanaugh?” asked Kira.
“Oh, hi Dr. Kira. It can’t be right, but it appears to be zombies out there!”
“What? That can’t be real. It’s likely some bad drugs.” She looked worriedly at the bathroom stall where she could hear chomping sounds.
“It doesn’t matter, there are people eating each other out there!” She put her hands over her head. “I have such a bad headache.”
Dr. Kira handed a tablet to her. “Take one of these. But I should warn you, one of them is in here with us.”
The woman looked worried, but quickly swallowed the pill.
“It’s not safe in here,” Dr. Kira added.
The woman smirked. “It’s not out there either.” She looked above her, then nodded.
Dr. Kira looked above her too. The zombie in the stall was making grunting sounds as the stall door slammed open.
Dr. Kira motioned for the other woman to head to the larger wheelchair stall. They quickly closed and locked the stall door.
Dr. Cavanaugh stepped onto the toilet and reached above her. She could see the blood-soaked head of the zombie in the next stall, and smell a putrid stench.
She pressed the ceiling tile up and it shifted. She reached up and felt around.
“There is a support beam where I can pull myself up and into the ceiling. Can you do the same?”
Dr. Kira looked worriedly down at the ground. The zombie was peering at them from beneath the stall’s wall.
“I have no choice. Hurry!”
Dr. Cavanaugh hold onto the beam and pulled herself up and into the ceiling. She managed to secure herself with her knees, then used one hand to reach forward to grab onto a pipe. “I’m in!”
Kira quickly jumped onto the toilet as the zombie pulled itself into their toilet stall.
She didn’t know how she did it, but she held onto the support beam and lifted her legs up into the air, just as the zombie reached a standing position.
The zombie managed to climb onto the toilet, with its arms trying to grab onto her, as she managed to pull her whole body onto one of the large beams.
A small tablet fell from her pocket and landed in the zombie’s mouth.
“Damn, could have used that!” said Dr. Kira.
“Quick, get the tile back in place. If it can’t see us, we’ll be safe.”
Dr. Kira helped grab onto the tile, then she took one last look below.
The zombie lay on the ground, dead.
“What did you do?” asked Dr. Cavanaugh in amazement.
“Uh, a pill dropped from my pocket and into its mouth.”
The other doctor smiled. “That must be why neither of us turned into zombies.”
Dr. Kira smiled back. “If that’s true, do we have to keep taking the pills, or does the one protect us?”
They had zero time to discuss, as something smashed the bathroom door in. They quickly put the tile back in place and hid.
To Be Continued.   

A New way of Entertainment

Anayveace Twine provides readers with a whole new way of storytelling. Here you will be able to really gain a bond with each character. We give the readers the oppertunity to choose which character(s) they favor most and dive head first into the story, from the chosen character's point of view.