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"It's after midnight, John- come to bed with me." Erica had to practically beg her husband to leave his office, which he sometimes seemed to love more than her.


He looked up from his work to tell her that he would only be a few more minutes- when he noticed her standing in the doorway. She wore an all-black bra and panties set with gold trimmings, which complimented her athletic figure. Her long, blonde, healthy hair lay down, covering one side of her chest.


John looked into his wife's beautiful green eyes. Erica Koss loved to work out, and it's something you could see at first glance. Her smile was bright enough to light up the room as she enjoyed how John looked over her body.


Without saying another word, she turned on the balls of her feet and sashayed down the hall toward their bedroom. Quickly, John shut down the computer and hurried in her direction. Erica is a beautiful woman; she knows how to use her beauty to get her husband to do whatever she wants. It worked when they were in high school and through college, and it still works today.


In the middle of their enjoying their night together, John froze. Erica's eyebrows narrowed, "What's the matter, hunny?" Erica asked her husband. John raised a single finger to signal her to stay quiet briefly. "... You heard that?" He questioned.


"No, heard what?" She returned the question.


John combed his fingers through his wavey blonde hair, "I thought I heard someone in the house." He whispered. He was almost certain of what he had heard. His brown eyes focused on Erica to see if she could hear anything- as they both listened closely.


Erica positioned herself on her elbows, lifting her back off the bed. "What did you hear?" She became more curious.

"I'm not sure." He continued to look at his wife. "I think-" he was cut short by a loud crashing sound- coming from outside the house.


Almost immediately, they could hear screams from a child. They both jumped up to see what was causing all of the commotion.


"What is it, babe?" Erica inquired as she slid into a pair of jeans, looking over at John, who was peeping out of the bedroom window- while fixing a pair of shorts around his waist.


"It's a car accident!"




"I think they need help; call the ambulance!" John rushed towards the bedroom door. Erica grabbed hold of her cell phone- after fixing her shirt and rushed behind her husband as they stepped out into the hallway, the darkness wrapped around them both. "Holy-sh-ahhh!" John cried out.


"Hunny?" Erica called right before she bumped into her husband in the darkness of their hallway. She smacked into him with force- sending them both to the floor. Loud growls could be heard bouncing off the wall in the dark hall.


"...Ahh... get off of me!" John panicked.


Erica could hear her husband having a struggle. What is it?  She questioned herself. Is it a person, an animal, or what? She couldn't see what was taking place right in front of her. "What is it, John?" She urgently asked.


"My god... get him off of me!" John pleaded for his wife's help. Erica was always known as the fighter between the two of them- she's a fitness trainer and self-defense teacher for rape and sexual abuse victims, and on a softer note, she is started her fitness model career.


Erica reached out in the dark and felt something, someone- she knew wasn't her husband due to his physique. John is a slim but unfit man; this person, on the other hand, seems to have a much thicker body type. "Let my husband go!" Erica ordered as she climbed onto the stranger's back and wrapped her arms around his neck, using her other arm to make the lock stick.


"Aghh... he's biting me!" John cried out yet again.


Biting? What's this person's problem? Erica thought right before she heard the sound of flesh ripping penetrating her ears as she rolled over to her back, with the person still in her clutch, causing the person to pull away from John.


"I got em; got the light, babe!" Erica yelled. It took a moment for John to collect himself before he could finally climb to his feet. Now struggling with the person, Erica listened to John pant, hoping he was okay.


As John stepped toward the light switch on the wall, he slipped into a small mess of blood and smacked his head on the floor. "John...!" she called out as she fought to hold onto the flailing person.


"Ugh..." John grunted in pain while going in and out of consciousness.


"Hunny... John-are, you okay?" his wife entreated. Erica feared that John's life was in extreme danger. She didn't know her husband's condition, which made her afraid. She exaggerated his death. She squeezed tightly against the person's throat, but it had no effect.


She squeezed harder until she felt and heard the person's neck snap. His growling became more of a gurgle as the body moved with the same momentum. This is impossible, she thought to herself. Quickly, she released the person and pushed the person off and away from her with extreme force. She sprung to her feet. Although they are in complete darkness, Erica still knows exactly where she is and how far she stands from the light switch- after all, since she and John moved from Atlanta, Georgia, where their families still lived, she had lived here, which has been six years now.


Erica didn't realize that her husband was laid out just a few feet before the light switch on the wall. Soon, she figured this out once she tripped over him and smacked the floor herself. But Erica knew she had no time to waste- so she sprung to her feet again and rushed over to the wall, then quickly cut on the light...


Erica couldn't believe her eyes, "...John...!" she called out to her unresponsive husband, who lay in a puddle of his blood.

She looked over at his attacker, "Mr. Pellegrino?" she became even more quizzed at the sight of her neighbor, who was now slowly returning to his feet... to be continued.