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Hush ...or be Hushed




Prologue: The Ritual's Echo


In the dimly lit basement of their family home, the air was thick with the scent of burning herbs, a pungent mix of sage and rosemary designed to ward off malevolent spirits. The flickering candles cast long, twisting shadows on the walls, which were covered in intricate arcane symbols drawn in a deep crimson ink. These symbols seemed to pulse with a life of their own, as if resonating with the power being summoned.


Miles and KB, twins bound by blood and destiny, stood in the center of this sacred space, their young faces illuminated by the eerie glow. They were dressed in simple white robes, a stark contrast to the dark, oppressive atmosphere. Their mother, Cecile, stood before them, her voice a melodic chant that resonated with the ancient power of the dark deity, Malphas. Her eyes were closed in concentration, her hands weaving through the air in a series of complex, fluid motions.


As Cecile's chant grew louder and more insistent, the air in the room grew heavier, charged with an almost tangible energy. The twins could feel it pressing down on them, a weight that seemed to penetrate their very bones. Suddenly, the candles' flames flared brightly, casting a blinding light that forced Miles and KB to close their eyes. When they opened them again, the room had changed.


The shadows on the walls had come to life, twisting and writhing like serpents. The arcane symbols seemed to glow with an inner fire, their lines shifting and reconfiguring into new, even more complex patterns. A chill ran down the twins' spines as they realized they were no longer alone.


From the darkest corners of the room, shapes began to emerge—indistinct at first, but slowly taking form. They were humanoid, but grotesquely twisted, with elongated limbs and eyes that glowed a sickly yellow. These shadowy figures moved with a fluid grace, their presence radiating an aura of malevolence.

Cecile's chant reached a fever pitch, her voice echoing off the walls with an otherworldly resonance. The shadowy figures advanced, forming a circle around the twins. As they closed in, the temperature in the room plummeted, their breath visible in the cold, still air.


Suddenly, a deep, resonant voice echoed through the basement, drowning out Cecile's chant. "Hushhhh, now, for one to warship my father is to warship you." it intoned. The voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once, its timbre vibrating through their very souls. "You have been chosen to bear the mark of Malphas, to wield the power that comes with it."


A figure stepped forward from the circle of shadows, taller and more imposing than the rest. It was the son of Malphas, his form shrouded in darkness, save for his piercing, otherworldly eyes. He extended a hand towards the twins, and they felt an invisible force pull them towards him.


Miles and KB stood before the son of Malphas, their hearts pounding in their chests. The deity placed a hand on each of their foreheads, and they felt a searing pain as his power surged into them. Their vision blurred, and they were overwhelmed by a torrent of images—visions of past rituals, scenes of unspeakable horror, and glimpses of the future paths they would walk.


As the ritual reached its climax, the symbols on the walls flared one last time before dimming to a faint glow. The shadowy figures dissipated, melting back into the darkness.


Malphas's son withdrew his hands, and the twins collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath.


Cecile's chant faded into silence, and she knelt beside her children, a look of both pride and sorrow in her eyes. "It is done," she whispered, her voice trembling with emotion. "You are now bound to Malphas. His power is yours to wield, but it comes at a great cost. Remember this, my children."


The ritual, a blend of Haitian and ancient mysticism, had forged an unbreakable bond between the twins and the dark deity. This harrowing initiation left an indelible mark on their lives, shaping their destinies and intertwining their fates with forces beyond their understanding.


In the days that followed, Miles and KB struggled to come to terms with the changes they felt within themselves. Their dreams were plagued by visions of Malphas and the shadowy realm he inhabited. They found themselves drawn to places of darkness and decay, their powers manifesting in unpredictable and often frightening ways.


KB, on the other hand, found that she could communicate with spirits, drawing on their knowledge and power. Her connection to the other side was both a gift and a curse, as the spirits were not always benevolent. They whispered secrets and warnings in her ear, their voices a constant presence in her mind.


Despite the public success of their powers, the twins were haunted by the realization that they were bound to a dark force beyond their control. The ritual had opened a door that could never be closed, and the price of their abilities was a constant reminder of the malevolent deity they served.


As they navigated the treacherous path laid before them, Miles and KB knew that their bond with Malphas would shape their lives in ways they could not yet imagine. The ritual in the dimly lit basement was only the beginning of their journey into the unknown, a journey that would test their resolve, challenge their beliefs, and ultimately define their destinies. Together, they would face the darkness within and without, bound by blood, destiny, and the ever-watchful eye of Malphas.

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Miles's Descent into Darkness: The Allure and the Abyss


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