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"I don't trust them- they known for crossing people, nah mean fam." Pop-Oc made known as he inhaled his cigarette, which was drenched with P.C.P. He sat in the passenger seat of J-Lohc's '64 Impala.


"I feel you cuhz..." J-Lohc raised his .45 1911 with a 45 acp 40-round drum to show off. "That's what this for, homie. You know what I got in the trunk if things get too ugly." J-Lohc reminded him.


"Fo-sho-you right." Pop-Oc smiled in agreement as he lifted his orange and blue striped shirt and removed his Glock 40. In just a few minutes, the Impala had made its way to the parking lot outside a small shopping center. "Where the fools at?" Pop-Oc questioned as he rubbed a hand over his bald head. He looked over at his friend, who was looking in the mirror, brushing his fresh, wavey Caesar cut.


"I'ma call 'em and see west groovin' cuhz. This here is crazy. They should've been out here already." Pop-Oc complained as he removed his iPhone from the phone clip at his waist.


"Look homie... That fool high... as... hell!" J-Lohc pointed towards a guy who was stumbling down the sidewalk. Pop-Oc chuckled with the cell phone at his ear. "I wonder what he had?" J-Lohc added.


"I hope that's what we 'bouta buy. We goin' smash the hood with something like that foolie." Pop-Oc postulated.


"Fo-sho-you right homie... Call 'em over here, see what he on Oc."


"Man... These fools ain't answering. This better not be a set-up cuhz." Pop-Oc ended the call, then looked over at the man stumbling away. "A... hey Unk?" He called out to the man. The man turned around and headed in the direction of the Impala. "Say foolie... what you done had Unk? You high as all outdoors fam." Pop-Oc chuckled. The man didn't answer; he just continued to head in their direction. "Damn homie... his mouth all bloody." He turned to look at J-Lohc, then back at the man.


"He must have fallen hard and busted his mouth, fam. He got blood leaking all over his shirt." J-Lohc made known.


"He probably don't even feel it, look at him groove... He really leakin'." Pop-Oc pointed out as the man came closer. "A... what you on unk?" he inquired but the man didn't answer; he just continued in their direction. "Whoa! Do you see his eyes, homie? A... who you get your fix from?"


"Man- get back, don't walk up on my ride," J-Lohc warned, but of course, the man walked right up to the passenger window.


"Back up, Busta... move!" Pop-Oc commanded. The man bent down and reached for Pop-Oc, but Pop-Oc mushed his forehead, forcing him to stumble back a few steps.


"Are you crazy, groove?" J-Lohc entreated as he opened the driver's side door and stepped out.


"Step off before I blast you, fool!" His friend aimed his Glock 40 at the bloody man through the window. J-Lohc aimed his gun over the car's roof, with his orange bandanna hanging from his wrist. The man headed back towards them as soon as he caught his balance.


"This fool has gotta be crazy,” J-Lohc thought to himself. "Blast him, and let's ride out groove," J-Lohc told Pop-Oc. Normally, Pop-Oc would've shot without hesitation, but he wanted to see the people they came to meet. So, he opened the passenger door and stepped out.


"You stupid Unk...?" Pop-Oc aimed the 40 caliber at the man, hoping that it would scare the man off, but it had no effect.


J-Lohc walked to the front of his Impala with his .45 1911 aimed at the man. As soon as J-Lohc got a clear shot, he fired. BOOM! BOOM! The man fell to the ground. J-Lohc turned to head back to the driver's side, "Let's ride out, fam!" He ordered Pop-Oc.


Pop-Oc turned to get back into the vehicle when he saw the man starting to get back up. "What the?" Pop-Oc uttered.


"What's up, fam?" J-Lohc asked right before he turned and noticed the man halfway back to his feet. "Man, blast that foolie. Oc, blast 'em!” J-Lohc injected.


Pop-Oc fired three shots into the man's chest at close range, forcing the man back to the ground. But, to their surprise, he started to climb back to his feet. "What the hell is he on?" Pop-Oc implored.


J-Lohc ran back around the front of the vehicle to get another clear shot at the man, shot him down to the ground, and unloaded his weapon in the man's chest. "Impossible cuhz...!" He yelled in confusion as he watched the man climbing back to his feet.


Pop-Oc aimed his gun at the man. J-Lohc tapped him on the shoulder and pointed towards the street. There were two more staggering towards them. "Let's ride out, fam," J-Lohc said before he turned to get back into his dark blue Impala with orange trimmings along the interior. Once they were both in the car, J-Lohc quickly backed out of the parking lot and sped away.


As the Impala sped down the street, they drove past a man attacked by two other men. "You see that cuhz?" J-Lohc looked over at Pop-Oc, who was looking back at the action.


"Yeah, fam... It looks like they were eating somebody. Pop-Oc answered.


As they crossed an intersection, J-Lohc looked over to the left and noticed a police cruiser about three feet away. Before he could react, the cruiser smashed into the Impala- forcing it to flip over twice before sliding and smacking into a fire hydrant. Water sprayed several feet up in the air and rained down on the belly of the flipped vehicle.


Moments later, J-Lohc started to gain his composure. At first thought, J-Lohc thought that bouncers had beaten him at a nightclub, knocked him out, and tossed him out into the rain. It wouldn't be his first time.


As he gained consciousness- he could hear faint grunts over splashing water. He slowly turned to the right and noticed Pop-Oc, outside of the flipped vehicle, lying on the wet ground with a lady taking bites out of his stomach. Suddenly, all of the recent events rushed J-Lohc all at once.


J-Lohc then spotted his .45 automatic lying inside a puddle of water. He crawled over and retrieved the gun. Then, he quickly remembered that the gun was empty.


He then noticed the trunk of his Impala hanging wide open and his. A.K. 47 holding a one-hundred-round drum, lying just a few feet away from his overturned vehicle.


He fought to stand to his feet and began to rush over to his weapon as fast as his injured body would let him. After a few steps, he stumbled and fell to his hands and knees. "Ugh!" He grunted once he realized that his knee was busted from the accident.


He heard a growl coming from behind him- he turned to take a look and noticed a man wearing a red bandanna around his head reaching out to grab hold of him. J-Lohc struggled with the man as water continued to rain down on them both from the damaged hydrant.


He noticed teeth marks on the man's arm as they struggled and looked into the gang bangers' eyes. "What the hell kinda' drugs y'all fools on around here, cuhz?" He questioned as he placed one hand around the man's throat and began to punch him in the face with the other free hand. After a few stiff blows to the face, J-Lohc could see that he wasn't doing any damage to the crazed man.


He then decided to use his good leg, along with both of his hands, to shove the guy off and away- to the side of him and quickly rolled over to head for the  A.K. 47 when he saw another man dressed in red dickies and red bandanna's tied around his neck, staggering towards him. J-Lohc stood to his feet and fought the pain in his leg as he limped towards the man with the bandanna around his neck to reach the A.K. 47 that lay on the ground behind the man. "You slobs needa' stop getting high on your own product. Whatever y'all smoking- shooting or sniffing- got y'all buggin'." He elucidated. We don't need this nowhere near Fig-Town, not in our hood." J-Lohc thought to himself as he reached the man, stopped, and put up his fist to fight for his life. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Gunshots rang out.


J-Lohc turned to see the man with whom he had the tussle dropping to the ground. "Look out!" someone warned J-Lohc, and he looked over and noticed a beat-up police officer aiming a gun in his direction.


J-Lohc turned just in time. The man, dressed in red, grabbed J-Lohc and leaned in for a bite when he fell, and the man landed on top of him. "Shoot this slob! You already shot the other one!" J-Lohc blurted out as the sound of sirens sounded in the distance. He then noticed blood leaking from the man's mouth onto the Astro jersey he wore, so he shoved the man away as hard as he could. The man that the officer shot had already begun to make his way back up on his feet. J-Lohc started towards his weapon again.


"Freeze!" the officer yelled out.


He looked over at the officer. "Pig, you trippin'." J-Lohc reached for the A.K. 47, and the officer shot the ground beside the gun. "Man, you must be higher than them. I'm getting my gun. You just goin' have to shoot me. But, shoot them first; they buggin' out." J-Lohc pointed towards the men in the red bandannas.


"Don't you touch that weapon!" the officer commanded as he fired at the two staggering men, which had no effect as they continued towards J-Lohc. The officer fired again and again until his weapon was empty.


J-Lohc grabbed the A.K. 47 and fired a shot to the head of the guy wearing the red dickies. The man flopped to the ground as fragments of his head flew everywhere. Then, he turned the gun towards the other man and walked towards him, "ok... You gotta' blow their brains out." He sermonized.


He put the barrel between the eyes of the man and pulled the trigger. Before the body hit the ground, J-Lohc turned his attention to the lady, who was still eating out of his friend Pop-Oc's stomach. "A lady...?" He called, but he received no response. He walked over to the lady as water rained down on him and aimed the gun at her head. When he saw the damage she had done to Pop-Oc, he became enraged as he pulled the trigger. TAT! TAT! TAT!, he fired and dropped the lady.


"Freeze! Drop the weapon!" The officer demanded, and J-Lohc turned and aimed the weapon at the officer. He noticed that the officer was now holding a shotgun aimed at him.


"I ain't dropping this gun cuhz; I'd rather drop you, pig!" J-Lohc braced himself.

"I'mma count to three if you don't comply..."


"No need to count; let's skip to it cuhz," J-Lohc interjected. At that moment, he heard growling from behind him and noticed that the officer's gaze fell behind him. He took a quick peep over his shoulder and noticed Pop-Oc making his way to his feet. Slowly but surely, with the contents of his stomach hanging out.


"Pop-Oc?" J-Lohc turned to face his friend and didn't know if he was sure to aim the gun or to lower it. "How is this possible?" J-Lohc questioned himself. "Pop-Oc, you needa' lay down foolie... You look like a dead man walking cuhz."


"Shoot him... Shoot now!" the officer yelled to J-Lohc as Pop-Oc came near.


J-Lohc watched in confusion as Pop-Oc came closer. "Pop-Oc?" he called again and looked into his eyes. "Back up, you not in your right state of mind, foolie. You trippin' cuhz. You look like you on that stuff."


"Shoot 'em. He's dead; it's the bites. If he bites you, you'll turn. Shoot... Before he gets too close." the officer informed J-Lohc.


"Naw, that's straight set-trippin' cuhz. This is my homie from the hood. We came up together. He was just confused." J-Lohc postulated as he took a step back. The officer fired a shot. Pop-Oc flew back and slid on the wet ground.

"Whoa! What you shoot Pop-Oc for?" J-Lohc aimed the A.K. 47 at the officer.


"What...? What don't you understand? Look at him; he's one of them now." the officer pointed towards Pop-Oc with his shotgun.


J-Lohc looked at Pop-Oc and watched in amazement as Pop-Oc climbed back to his feet. "What the...?"


"He's not your friend anymore. The bites change people. It happened to my partner." The officer made it known. Suddenly, they heard gunshots and screams coming from around the corner; a few cars came speeding past, down the street just a few blocks away. Then, more shots were fired in the opposite direction of the last one.


"What's goin' on?" J-Lohc entreated as he walked over to his old friend. Looking into Pop-Oc's eyes, he saw nothing but death as water rained down on them all. J-Lohc felt sorry for his friend. He has been by his side since they joined the gang as kids. It hurt him to see Pop-Oc like this.


J-Lohc turned his head as he pulled the trigger. TAT! TAT! Two shots to the head, Pop-Oc fell to the ground as the water continued to rain down on the bloody mess in the street.