Zechariah 14:12-13

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Page 7: No Room for Negotiation


“No!” The older man’s voice cut through the chaos, a desperate plea carrying the weight of urgency. He winced in pain, his broken wrist amplifying the intensity of his words. “If… if she is bitten, she will turn. She has to go!” His eyes locked onto Amira, a plea for decisive action. “Shoot her! Now! Before she turns.” The gravity of his words hung in the air, adding a layer of tension to the already frantic scene.


“What? No!” Amira's eyes darted between the man and Lily, the gun still steady on the storeman. Confusion and fear danced in her eyes.


“Are you crazy!” Jake erupted, anger etched on his face. “No one else is getting shot.” His words echoed a vehement refusal to entertain the older man’s plea.


Seamus? slouched and bloodied, drew Amira’s attention. She finally shifted her gaze from the man to him. “Are you okay?” Her concern etched across her face as she surveyed the blood, her focus divided between the impending danger and Seamus’s well-being.


“Wait a minute.” Seamus stood as tall as he could. “You mean to tell me this shit is contagious?” he questioned over loud noise on the other side of the door.


“I feel fine.” Lily lied when she thought about how ill she felt. She knew that something was wrong. She felt an untamable itch at her side, where she had been bitten. She was hot and sweaty. The white of her eyes turning yellow with the red veins seemed to increase.


“Please! We’re all dead if she stays!” The older man let be known.


“Hey!” Vince chimed in. “Nobody is killing anybody, and no one is getting out against their will.”


As tension swirled in the confined space, the room became a battleground of words, emotions, and conflicting interests. The unsettling reality of a contagious threat loomed, painting a stark divide between compassion and survival instincts.


“Um!” Lily stood to her feet, nervously. She could feel her nose beginning to leak again. She knew it was blood. She also knew that it would put the others on alert. She realized jumping up was a bad idea. She had everyone's attention directed at her now. “We can’t stay here.” She said the first thing that came to her mind.


The new girl and Lily both jumped at the sound of their pursuers slamming their bodies into the door. “We have to be quiet.” Whispered the new girl. She looked at Lily. “Something really needs to be done about that.”


“Hey?” Amira closed in on the girl. “What's your name?”


April who gives a fuck Ming! Let me tell you who you are, Ms. Gonna Die.” She looked at Vince and Jake. “Hey, I know you two,” she said with sass. “Gonna Die Two and Gonna Die Three. We need to get the fuck from around her.”


“She’s right!” the elderly man yelled.


“Shut up!” Seamus shouted at the man when he noticed that the man had another gun.


“She must go!” the man said before pulling the trigger. Boom! The shot rang through the shop.


April stumbled back, away from the line of fire. Seamus, Vince, Amira, and Lily stared in disbelief as Jake stood in front of Lily with a hole in his chest. He had taken the bullet for the girl he loved so much.


Before Amira could react, another thunderous bang reverberated against the door, forcefully swinging it open as Jake's body plummets to the floor.


"Holy Celestinus!" Seamus exclaimed, leaping backward. Two men barreled into the cramped room at the back of the clothing shop.


Amira pivoted swiftly to face the unexpected intruders. The first man reached for her, but she skillfully deflected his hand with a windmill-like motion of her left arm. Acting without hesitation, she aimed low and pulled the trigger. The shot struck the man's leg, causing him to buckle, yet his relentless advance persisted. The gunshot granted only a momentary respite, allowing the second man to close in.


In a decisive move, the storeman dispatched the second soulless figure with a precise shot to the head. "You have to shoot them in the head once they've turned," he urgently emphasized as more figures surged into the room. "Or they'll just keep coming at you." The gravity of his words hung heavy in the air, accentuating the perilous reality they were entangled in.


Seamus winced in pain, his hand instinctively reaching out and stretching his injured shoulder, blood seeping from the gunshot wound. Despite the agony, he seized the opportunity, gripping the next deranged man who barged into the room. The group quickly recognized him as one of the men initially running with April Ming.


The man was a gruesome sight, drenched in blood from head to toe. Countless bite marks adorned his body, and his eyes bore a vacant, lifeless stare, marking the toll of whatever had transformed him into a soulless figure.


Seamus forcefully diverted the man’s trajectory, sending him crashing into the wall. The resilient soulless quickly rebounded and lunged toward April, prompting a terrified scream from her.


The room filled with an influx of more soulless figures, thrusting everyone into a fight for survival. Each group member faced the relentless onslaught, their varying skill levels determining their ability to defend against the encroaching threat. Tragically, Jake became an unwilling victim, succumbing to the ravenous hunger of the undead.


Lily fought desperately, feeling teeth sinking into her shoulder as she grappled with an assailant. Her cries for help pierced through the chaos, echoing the desperate struggle for survival.


Vince showcased relentless agility and combat prowess. Confronted by the first undead assailant, he swiftly disabled the creature by delivering a precise blow to the knee, sending it sprawling. With calculated precision, Vince stomped down on the back of the neck, the audible crack punctuating his efficient takedown. His attention seamlessly shifted to the next impending threat.


Drawing upon her mixed martial arts skills, Amira wielded the gun as a formidable melee weapon. Employing a combination of punches, elbow strikes, knee jabs, kicks, and pistol-whipping, she skillfully fended off the encroaching soulless, exhibiting a masterful display of self-defense.


The older man, amidst the chaos, fired shots with a practiced precision. Carefully choosing his targets, he aimed solely for the heads of the soulless, a strategic effort to neutralize the undead threat methodically.


"Hey, let's get out of here!" Vince's urgent shout punctuated the chaos as he swiftly incapacitated another crazed individual, sending them sprawling to the floor.


Amira assumed the leadership role, decisively instructing April, "Follow me." Meanwhile, Seamus intervened, rescuing Lily from the clutches of two undead assailants. With relentless determination, he systematically dismantled the figures, ensuring the immediate safety of his fellow survivors.


Lily's anguished cry echoed through the room, a poignant reminder of the ongoing tragedy as she witnessed Jake still being consumed by the ravenous horde. The urgency to escape intensified as the group grappled with the relentless onslaught of the soulless.


Amira, unyielding in the face of the relentless onslaught, fired a shot into the gut of the next man entering the room. Undeterred, he continued his advance. Reacting swiftly, Amira aimed for his chest, then his head, the gruesome result splattering brains across the wall.


“Come on!” she urged, pulling April along. April, sensing the urgency, followed without resistance. Seamus, Lily, Vince, and the older man hastily exited the cramped back room. As the older man hurried behind the others, a soulless man seized him by the shoulder. He wrenched free and, facing the threat, discharged a shot, creating a hole in the creature’s head.


Realizing that all the soulless creatures were converging on him, the older man observed even Jake climbing to his feet. Without hesitation, he turned and hastened to join the others, leaving the reanimated figures behind.