Zechariah 14:12-13

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Page 6: Navigating Broken Paths



As the group sprinted down the street, relief and urgency coursing through their veins, the sudden emergence of more figures from the alley sent a jolt of tension through the fleeing ensemble. Two men, followed by a group of four, joined the chaotic pursuit behind the original trio. Vince, Amira?, Seamus, Jake, and Lily skidded to a stop, collectively realizing that these were not members of the SWAT but rather a group of unarmed, frenzied civilians.


Instinctively, Jake and Lily sought refuge behind the more physically imposing Vince, Amira, and Seamus. The erratic group of civilians continued to run past, some shouting unintelligibly and others appearing visibly distressed.


“No, don’t stop!” one of the men yelled as he raced by, joined by his companion and the lady.


Seamus attempted to defuse the situation. “Hey, back off. We don’t want any trouble!”


“They’re insane. Sick with some kind of disease or virus!” the man replied, stopping just beyond Seamus and the others. The group’s collective unease escalated as the realization dawned: these individuals weren’t merely panicked; they seemed afflicted, deranged.


Vince, adopting a protective stance, stepped forward. “Hey man, stop running!” he warned the man approaching, bracing himself for a potential confrontation.


The first man approached, and Vince’s keen observation revealed the unsettling sight of blood staining the man’s mouth, chin, neck, and shirt. “Oh, hell naw. They’ve been eating people,” Vince shouted, the revelation intensifying the group’s sense of danger.


As the man reached out toward Vince, intent unclear, Vince skillfully evaded the touch. Using a swift maneuver, he redirected the man’s arm, shoving him to the right of Vince, and executed a spinning kick that landed his right leg on the back of the man's neck, sending the diseased individual crashing to the ground.


The second man was there almost immediately. Vince attacked


The hope that this display of resistance might deter the others evaporated as the others continued their approach without hesitation. The group braced themselves for an escalating confrontation, uncertainty and fear lingering in the air.


“Hey, let’s go!” Lily’s urgent call cut through the tension, her eyes widening as she took in the gruesome reality of their pursuers and the pain shooting through her body from the wound. She felt a stream of blood drip from her nose.


Vince, his instincts finely tuned from years of training, hesitated for a moment, ready to unleash another barrage of kicks and strikes. However, a chilling realization struck him as he observed the man he had sent crashing to the ground. The man was rising far too quickly, defying the physical limits any ordinary person should have after receiving such a powerful kick.


Jake, recognizing the perilous nature of the situation, added his voice to Lily’s plea. “Vince, we can’t fight them all. We need to get out of here!”


Vince, suppressing the urge to engage further, reluctantly took a step back, joining the others. The group resumed their sprint, this time not daring to look back as the unnaturally resilient figures continued their pursuit.


As the group sprinted through the twisted maze of debris-littered streets, the unnerving realization dawned upon them – the number of crazed pursuers was rapidly increasing. The air was thick with tension as the relentless footsteps of the deranged echoed through the desolate urban landscape.


“Keep moving! We can’t let them catch up!” Seamus urged, his voice laced with urgency. The group navigated the chaos, dodging abandoned vehicles and shattered glass, their breaths ragged.


Vince, taking a brief glance over his shoulder, noticed the pack of relentless pursuers growing larger. “Faster! We need to find a place to hide!” he shouted, his eyes scanning the surroundings for a potential refuge.


Amira, her athleticism evident in each calculated step, matched Vince’s urgency. “There’s an alley up ahead. Let’s try to lose them there,” she suggested, her voice determined.


As they approached the narrow alley, Lily’s breaths became more labored. “I can’t keep up,” she admitted, the pain from her earlier wound slowing her down.


Jake, supporting Lily, added, “You can’t leave us!”


Vince, torn between speed and solidarity, slowed his pace to match Lily and Jake’s. “I’m here; stay close. We’ll find a way to shake them off,” he assured, his protective instinct kicking in.


“We gotta keep moving!” shouted out one of the newcomers.


Seamus, scanning the immediate surroundings, pointed to an open door of a nearby building. “In there, quickly!” he directed, hoping to create a temporary barricade against the approaching threat.


The group rushed into the building, their collective breaths echoing in the dimly lit space. Vince barricaded the door with a piece of debris, creating a makeshift barrier.


The distant sounds of the pursuing mob grew louder, prompting Amira to speak with a sense of urgency. “We need to find another way out. Any ideas?”


Seamus, assessing the situation, suggested, “There might be a back exit. Let’s move quietly. We don’t want to draw attention.”


No one could resist jumping to the sound of a sick, crazed man bursting through the front door of the clothing store. “Shit!” Lily shouted.


“Run! Move! Move! Move!” Demanded Seamus. Everyone followed Seamus as he ran through the clothing aisles and into the back of the store. He came to a closed door and without giving it a second thought, he burst right through. BOOM! A shot was fired, and Seamus fell inside of the room. When Amira came to enter the room, she noticed an older man holding a snub nose 38 revolver.


As Seamus fell inside the room after the gunshot, panic gripped the group. Amira looked down at her husband, assessing the situation. She locked eyes with the elderly man holding the revolver. Without a moment’s hesitation, the man redirected his weapon toward her.


Fuelled by a surge of adrenaline and a practiced instinct for self-defense, Amira drew upon her Serak training. As the man closed his eyes and pulled the trigger, Amira’s body moved in a rapid and fluid motion, seamlessly executing a Serka counterattack.


In a swift twist, she redirected the gun away from her vital areas, sacrificing her shoulder as the bullet grazed its surface. Her free hand acted with precision, seizing control of the weapon. The older man, momentarily disoriented by the unexpected resistance, found himself outmaneuvered.


Amira, now in possession of the revolver, quickly assessed the room. Seamus, though injured, was conscious, and she knew they needed to regroup. The older man, his misguided attempt at self-preservation foiled, was now at their mercy. The room, once a haven of safety, became a battleground where the struggles for survival played out in rapid and life-altering sequences.


“Help!” the lady who came with the two men screamed as she watched the crazed men running through the store toward her.


The two men tried to protect her by pushing over clothing racks and throwing clothing as the soulless folk rushed near.


“Inside! Get inside! Now!” Jake pushed Lily into the room once he saw that Amire had control of the weapon. Vince looked back and noticed one of the men wrestling with two of the men. Vince went to go help when he saw the men start biting the man. Then, some of the others attacked the other man. Vince reached out and grabbed the lady by the wrist and pulled her into the room, and slammed the door shut behind them.


Amidst the chaotic backdrop, the older man’s anguished screams reverberated as he clutched his wrist, pleading for mercy. “Please! I thought he was one of them! Please don’t shoot!” His desperate cries filled the air with confusion.


Amira’s attention frantically darted between the man, Vince, and Jake assisting Seamus and the barely visible figures of Jake and the girls in the chaotic scene unfolding before her eyes.


“I’m okay,” Seamus grunted, holding his left shoulder defiantly. Despite the searing pain, his face remained resolute, his pride unwavering.


The new girl’s horrified exclamation sliced through the tumult. “Oh my god! They’re eating them!” Her words injected a fresh wave of panic into the chaotic mix.


“I’m sorry,” Lily expressed remorse, watching the girl confront the gruesome reality of her loved ones being devoured. “You’re okay!” Lily tried to offer solace, moving forward to comfort the distressed girl.


In a sudden burst of hostility, the girl shoved Lily away with force, sending her crashing to the floor and against the wall. Jake, his focus redirected, exclaimed, “What the hell, lady?” as he rushed to Lily’s aid.


“She was bitten!” the warning came pointedly from the lady, accusing Lily. “That’s how it starts, don’t you know anything?” Her eyes scanned Jake and the others, drawing a grim comparison. “Look at her eyes. She looks sick, just like those out there!”


“What the hell are you talking about?” Jake demanded answers, his confusion mirroring the chaotic atmosphere.


“What starts, what’s happening?” Amira sought clarity in the midst of the pandemonium.


“I saw it happen twice now. It doesn’t take long,” the lady warned, her eyes fixated on Lily as she backed away, leaving an ominous sense of impending doom in her wake.