Zechariah 14:12-13

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Page 5: Fragment of Resilience



Amira, finishing up with the first aid, turned her attention to Jake. “Where are you two planning to go? Any specific destination in mind?”


Jake, his gaze filled with uncertainty, replied, “We were with my cousins. We got separated. So, we're headed to 4th and Idaho Avenue. It's my grandparent's place. We figured they would be there and thought it might be safer there, too.”


Amira exchanged a glance with Seamus and Vince?, silently contemplating the proximity of their destinations. Seamus, always one to assess the situation, chimed in, “4th, Is that far from where we’re headed? We’re going to San Vicente and 4th. If so, we could stick together; there's strength in numbers.” Seamus was thinking of keeping the young couple safe.


Lily, still processing the unexpected alliance with the trio, looked at Jake for confirmation. Knowing it would be the best protection they would get at the moment. “What do you think, Jake? It will be safer to travel with trained MMA Champions.” She added. However, Vince had blown his shot at the title.


Jake, considering the proposal, nodded in agreement. “Yeah, sticking together sounds like a plan. We don’t know what’s out there, and safety in numbers makes sense.”


Seamus, the practical strategist of the group, added, “Good. We can watch each other's backs. We will need you guys to navigate through this chaos. We barely know where we are.”


Amira, sensing the need for unity in these dire circumstances, offered a reassuring smile. “Welcome to the team. Let's make our way to 4th and San Vicente, then over to 4th and Idaho together. The more eyes, the better.”


"This is all bullshit!" Vince disagreed. As the newly formed group prepared to leave their refuge, Vince took a moment to share a few words of caution. “Look, you two stay close and avoid unnecessary risks. I ain't nobody's superhero. We'll get through this if we stay focused and work together. If not...” He looked at Amira and Seamus, "I know us three gonna be good."


Amira sucked her teeth, "Don't be an ass, Vince." The group silently approached the building’s windows, a palpable tension hanging in the air. Peering cautiously outside, they were met with a disconcerting scene – stragglers running amok up and down the street. Some appeared lost, aimlessly wandering, while others, with panic etched on their faces, desperately sought loved ones, shelter, or any means of defense.


Lily voiced the collective unease. “This is insane. What happened to those people?” Her voice was full of fear and pain as she watched a small group of crazed folks chasing two others.


Jake, clutching a metal rod as a rudimentary weapon, replied, “It’s like they’re in survival mode, doing whatever it takes to get by. This city’s gone mad.”


Surveying the chaotic streets, Vince added, “We need to be cautious. Desperation can make people unpredictable. You don’t want to get caught in the crossfire. So, just let me take care of all the action.” Vince looked at the rod in Jake's hand. "You won't be needing that." Vince cracked his knuckles.


Keeping an eye on the shifting dynamics outside, Seamus whispered to the group, “It looks like the worst of the riot has subsided, but the situation is still far from stable. We need to move carefully, avoid drawing attention to ourselves.”


Amira couldn't help but feel a sense of disbelief as she stared at the family huddled together on the sidewalk, desperately seeking safety. She couldn't understand why there was no help, no support, no action being taken in response to this emergency. It was as if the whole world had turned a blind eye to this crisis. With every passing moment, her frustration grew stronger, and her words became more impassioned. "These people, these families, are in need! Why is there no help? None of this is making any sense!" she whispered, being sure that her voice didn't echo through the empty streets. She felt helpless and powerless in the face of such overwhelming chaos and uncertainty.


As they observed the scene, the group grappled with the harsh reality that once a bustling metropolis, the city had transformed into a landscape of survival instincts and primal desperation.


Seamus, eyes scanning the surroundings, outlined a plan, “Be sure to keep an eye out for Ruthia. Hopefully, she's still wearing that red sweater..." He took a moment to search the area with his eyes. "We stick to the shadows and avoid crowded areas. Our goal is to reach San Vicente Boulevard and 4th. Then, we make our way toward 4th and Idaho. Let’s move quietly and swiftly. Lily and Jake, stay close. We have to stay together.” He hated the feeling of giving up on the little girl. But what more could he do without placing everyone else's life in danger?


Vince, thinking of routes to take in these unfamiliar territories, added, “I guess since you all are not looking for a fight, we should use the back alleys when we can. It might take longer, but it’s safer. Avoid the main streets as much as possible.”


Lily, still processing the gravity of the situation, nodded in agreement. “Got it. Sticking close and moving through the shadows. Like a stealth mission.”


As the group prepared to leave their temporary sanctuary, Amira, glancing back at the window, muttered, “Let’s hope this chaos settles soon. No one deserves to live like this.”


Seamus, leading the way, responded with a somber determination, “We’ll do what we can to make it through. One step at a time. Stay vigilant, stay together.” The group, united by circumstance, ventured into the uncertain streets, their every step echoing the collective resilience that had formed within the confines of the small building amidst a city unraveling at its seams.


Seamus, taking charge, whispered to the group, "We need to be careful. Those stragglers might not pose an immediate threat, but we can't afford to underestimate the desperation out there."


Vince, scanning the surroundings, added, "Agreed.  But we all should be prepared to fight; Malphas knows I am." His eyes searched the uneasy group. Jake and Lily were scared for their lives, while Seamus and Amira were also worried about Jake and Lily. They knew their skill set was more than enough to get them through this. "We've seen how people are getting. Do not put your guard down, and do not hesitate to strike lethally."


The group slowly exited the building. They traveled through the unpredictable streets. Tensions ran high as they made their way, the occasional distant sounds of the ongoing unrest serving as a stark reminder of the challenges awaiting them close by.


Jake placed his focus on Lily, "Look, I don't know exactly what we'll face, but I don't want you facing it unarmed." He passed Lily the metal rod.


Seamus nodded in agreement. "Let's avoid unnecessary confrontation. Our priority is to find Ruthia and navigate this situation to Kate and Junior, then 4th and Idaho."


The group nodded and shared determination, huddled together near the entrance of the small building. The air was thick with tension as they braced themselves for the unpredictable journey that lay ahead. The streets outside, though calmer than before, still held the lingering echoes of recent turmoil. The shadows of uncertainty danced in the dimly lit corners of the city, and the group knew that every step could lead them closer to answers or deeper into the enigma surrounding the chaos.


Seamus, the de facto leader, addressed the group, his voice a steady anchor in the midst of uncertainty. “Lily and Jake, stay close. Vince and Amira, let’s navigate cautiously. We’re heading to West 15th and Western Avenue.”


Looking at the group, Lily commented, “Hey, am I the only one feeling as if they're dying of thirst here?”


Looking at the area, Vince added, “Let's take this alley. We minimize exposure and allow me to handle any confrontations. Anybody who feels like dying-”


"Vince..." Amira gave a cold stare. Then, she looked at Lily. "We'll find some water, Lily. Just stay close and pay no attention to that asshole. I would've broken him a long time ago if he wasn't my brother." Amira and Lily shared a short-lived smile while Vince scoffed.


Lily, her metal rod in hand, nodded nervously. “This feels like something out of a movie. Never thought I’d see the day.”


Seamus, offering a reassuring smile, replied, “Real life can be stranger than fiction. Just stay close, and we’ll get through this together.”


The group cautiously stepped into the dimly lit streets, the distant echoes of screams and gunfire, along with the persistent wails of sirens, creating an unsettling backdrop to their journey. The city, once familiar, now seemed like a labyrinth of uncertainty. Vince led the way, his eyes scanning the surroundings for potential threats. Seamus followed closely, Amira by his side, her gaze alert to the shadows that clung to the edges of the buildings.


Jake and Lily, holding hands, navigated through the narrow alley with a mixture of fear and determination. Lily winced as pain flared from the bite on her side, a reminder of the chaos that lurked in the city’s darkened corners. She stole a glance at Jake, her eyes reflecting gratitude for his comforting presence.


Breaking the tense silence, Seamus whispered, “Stay close, everyone. We move quietly.” He whispered as they passed a man being eaten by what may have been his two young daughters.


Vince thinking of his son eating his own mother sent a chill down Vince's spine. nodded in agreement. “Agreed. We need to keep our heads down and eyes open. We don’t know what’s waiting for us out here.” He seemed focused.


The group pressed forward through the winding streets, their footsteps a delicate dance with the unknown. The chaotic symphony of the city heightened their senses, a stark reminder of the fragile equilibrium they navigated between survival and unseen dangers.


In the midst of this tense progression, a piercing scream shattered the uneasy silence. The group instinctively pivoted their attention leftward, spotting a trio racing towards them—two men and a frantic lady emerging from an alley. The urgency in their cries reverberated through the air.


"Run! Run!" the man shouted, his eyes wide with terror. "They're coming. They're trying to kill us!"


Seamus and the others exchanged alarmed glances, immediately assuming that the man was referring to the ominous threat of the SWAT. The realization that they could be targeted by the very forces meant to restore order injected a new level of fear into the group.


"Let's go—NOW!" Seamus bellowed, urgency lacing his command. The group sprang into action, their chase intensifying. The trio of newcomers trailed closely behind, their faces etched with desperation, a shared determination to escape the looming danger that chased them through the city's labyrinth.