Zechariah 14:12-13

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Page 4: Worth the Wait



Vince, ever the pragmatic thinker, chimed in, "First things first, let's see if we're alone and check for exits, make sure we're not caught off guard. Then, we can figure out our next move. Like, leaving here."


Seamus? appreciating Vince's mindset on one idea, nodded. "Let's go. Let's split up briefly, assess the place, and reconvene here in a few minutes. We need a plan before we step back into that chaos."


A hushed discussion unfolded as the trio gathered in the makeshift sanctuary within the building. Vincent, visibly anxious, broke the uneasy silence, “Guys, I’ve been trying to reach Junior and Kate, but there’s still no service. I’m worried about them.”


Seamus, maintaining a calm demeanor amid the chaos, placed a reassuring hand on Vincent’s shoulder. “Vince, Kate is a strong woman. She has a background in law enforcement. I’m sure she’s doing everything she can to keep Junior safe.”


Amira's concern mirrored in her eyes added, “And you know how smart Junior is. He’s a resourceful kid. They’re probably just laying low, staying safe.”


Vincent's worry was etched on his face; he couldn’t shake the fear for his son. “Fuck everything you both are saying. If anything happens to my son, I pray that Malphas gives me the power not to kill you, son of bitch's too quick.”


Seamus offered a comforting smile. “I understand, bro. It’s fucked up out there, and communication might be gone for now, but we’ll do everything we can to find them. Kate and Junior are resilient. They know how to handle tough situations.”


Trying to lighten the mood, Amira said, “Remember that time Junior outsmarted all of us during that board game? He’s sharp, and Kate will make sure he’s safe-”


Vincent, though still uneasy, found no solace in their words. He cut her short. “Amira, shut the fuck up. You're talking nonsense. That shit you're talking about doesn't save my son in this shit.”


Seamus nodded, the weight of responsibility evident in his gaze. “Vince, that's my wife, bro," Seamus said, and Vinve shot him a look that said he couldn't care any less. "We’ll keep trying to reach them, but for now, let’s focus on securing this place and making a plan. We’ll find them, Vince. I promise.”


The trio, bound by shared concern and determination, continued their discussion, weaving threads of hope amidst the uncertainty that surrounded them. Amid the city’s turmoil, the strength of their connection became a source of support and resilience, fostering a sense of unity amid the challenges ahead.


Amira and Vince nodded, their determination mirroring Seamus'. They knew the road ahead wouldn't be easy, but they had each other's backs; they were ready to face anything.


The trio sat huddled together in tense silence, the disconcerting symphony of chaos outside penetrating the walls of their makeshift sanctuary. Gunfire echoed through the streets, the rhythm of semi-automatic machine guns cutting through the air like a relentless drumbeat. The distinct cadence marked the unmistakable presence of SWAT, casting an ominous shadow over the atmosphere within the building.


Seamus, his brow furrowed with concern, broke the uneasy silence, “This is getting out of hand. What’s SWAT doing out there?”


Amira's eyes, reflecting a mixture of fear and curiosity, replied, “I’ve never heard gunfire like this. It’s like a war zone. What could be causing all this?”


His jaw clenched, Vince observed, “They’re firing with a purpose. It’s not just controlling a crowd; it’s something else. This doesn’t feel right.”


As the sounds of gunfire intensified, the trio exchanged anxious glances, each moment of silence between shots amplifying the weight of the unknown. The building, once a brief respite, now seemed like a fragile haven amidst the tumultuous storm outside.


Seamus, his voice measured but filled with concern, added, “We need to stay vigilant. Whatever is happening out there, we need to be ready for anything. It seems like we won't be getting any help from the law. Hopefully, the military could sort this out. We can’t afford to underestimate the situation.”


Amidst the turmoil outside, the trio found themselves enveloped in a tense atmosphere, the reverberations of the unfolding chaos seeping into their collective consciousness. The uncertainty hung thick in the air, setting the stage for the challenges and unknown dangers that awaited them as they grappled with the harsh reality of a city unraveling in real-time.


The sudden disruption of their uneasy silence came in the form of a loud bang resonating from the back door, an intrusive sound that jolted the trio from their seats on the floor. The room instantly transformed from a momentary refuge into a fortress on high alert. Alarmed glances were exchanged, the weight of uncertainty settling in their eyes.


Seamus, his instincts on high alert, whispered, “What the hell was that? Get ready, something’s not right.”


Amira, her eyes reflecting a mix of fear and determination, nodded in agreement. “We need to be prepared for anything. Could be more trouble coming our way.”


Already in a defensive stance, Vince added, “I tell you one thing. Whatever comes through that door, I call dibs.”


"Really?" Amira rolled her eyes.


As the tension in the room mounted, another bang echoed, each reverberation intensifying the collective anticipation. The trio braced for the unknown threat and held their breath, the rhythmic disturbance of the banging heightening the suspense.


Seamus, the de facto leader in this moment of uncertainty, signaled for silence. “Listen carefully. We need to stay quiet and figure out what’s happening.”


Another resounding bang punctuated the air, the trio exchanging quick glances that spoke volumes about the shared unease and determination to face whatever challenge awaited them. The room, once a temporary sanctuary, now stood as a battleground, the back door a gateway to the unknown.


Amid the palpable tension, Seamus raised a hand to signal a pause. “Prepare for anything. On three, we check what’s behind that door. One… two…”


Before Seamus could utter the final count, one last powerful bang sent the door flying open, leaving the trio on edge, ready to confront the unexpected intruder or threat that had breached their fragile refuge.


The last impact on the back door was met with a crescendo of tension that climaxed as it burst open, revealing a young boy charging in alongside his female friend. The abrupt entrance left the trio momentarily stunned, their defensive postures relaxing as they processed the unexpected newcomers.


Seamus, the first to recover from the momentary shock, assessed the pair with a mix of caution and curiosity. "Whoa, easy there. What's going on? Are you two alright?"


Still catching his breath from their escape, the young boy replied with urgency, "We had to get away from the craziness outside. It's madness out there!"


Amira, offering a reassuring gesture, gestured for them to take a seat. "Come, sit down. You're safe here. What's your name?"


The boy, still visibly shaken by their ordeal, introduced himself as Jake and his friend as Lily. Keeping a watchful eye on the situation, Vince asked, "What's happening out there? Why's SWAT firing like that?"


Wide-eyed and eager to share their experience, Jake explained, "It's insane! People attacking each other, and those SWAT guys shooting everyone. We had to run."


Seamus, sharing a knowing look with the others, nodded in understanding. "We've seen our fair share of the chaos. You're not alone in this. We're trying to regroup and figure out what's happening. Have you seen a little girl, her name is Ruthia?"


Still catching her breath, Lily replied, "Haven't seen any kids, but we've been sticking to alleys to avoid trouble."


Tired of hearing of their struggle, Vince added, "Well, everyone is safe now. Well, that was before the door broke off of the hinges. "


In the midst of this collaboration, Lily suddenly recognized one of the trio. "Hey!" she exclaimed, her voice muffled as she threw a hand over her mouth. "You're her! You're Amira Habtamu!" Lily pointed directly at Amira, a mix of awe and recognition on her face.


Amira was surprised it took Lily this long to recognize her. Amira is a huge face for female empowerment these days. Amira managed a smile amid the chaos. "Yes, that's me."


Lily nodded vigorously. "I follow you on social media! You're an inspiration. I can't believe I didn't notice before! I never thought I'd see you in person! You are undefeated!" She surveyed the room. "Praise Elyxander! You're all here!" She looked at Jake, who was obviously not a MMA fan. He heard and saw their names on social media but wasn't into extreme sports.


Seamus, keenly observant, interjected, “We can catch up later. Are you okay, Lily?” His eyes narrowed as he noticed a large amount of blood staining the side of Lily’s shirt.


Lily's mind, still processing the celebrity encounter, winced and touched the source of the blood. “Oh, yeah, one of those crazy bastards took a bite out of me. But I am okay, it stings, but... We need to focus on getting out of here.”


Vince, always pragmatic, suggested, “You need to address that wound first. Second, there is no 'we'. Get that shit out of your head now, and third-”


Seamus grabbed a first aid kit from a nearby shelf and cut Vince's words short, “He’s right. Lily, let’s take care of that. The city’s in chaos, but we can’t afford to neglect injuries.”


While Seamus passed Amira the first aid to tend to Lily’s wound, Amira couldn’t help but voice her concern, “What is going on out there?” She questioned while wrapping a bandage around Lily’s injury.


Lily explained, “It’s like Jake said the city’s gone mad. People attacking each other, and SWAT shooting everyone. We’re trying to figure out a plan and find our families. We were separated yesterday. Some people... some were eating others.”


After Amira finished with the first aid, Seamus added, “Yeah, we seen that too... Look, we need to be cautious. There’s something seriously wrong. Once we’re done here, we’ll strategize our next move. I'm sure we all have somewhere we need to get to." Seamus looked at Vince, then Amira.