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All undefeated MMA fighters, Amira, Seamus, and Vince, found themselves navigating a world overrun by the Soulless – former humans turned relentless adversaries. The once familiar landscape had transformed into a battleground for survival.


Amira, with her compassionate spirit, had become the heart of their small community. Her empathy brought a sense of unity, fostering connections that transcended the chaos outside. Amidst the ongoing struggle against the Soulless, Amira found solace in creating a haven where emotional well-being was as vital as physical strength.


Seamus, the eco-conscious warrior, led the group toward a harmonious existence with nature. His sustainable practices and appreciation for the environment ensured their survival against the Soulless and painted a vision of a future where humanity and nature coexisted peacefully.


Vince, the relentless competitor, approached each encounter with the Soulless as a personal challenge. His warrior spirit motivated the group to evolve constantly, turning survival into relentless competition against the odds. Vince’s leadership inspired the others to push their limits, believing strength and courage would prevail.


As the trio faced the apocalyptic world's challenges, they discovered their unity's true strength. Amira’s ability to build connections brought comfort in the face of adversity. Seamus’s sustainable practices ensured their long-term survival, while Vince’s competitive drive kept them on edge, ready to face whatever the Soulless threw at them.


One day, as they ventured into a decaying cityscape searching for supplies, they encountered a group of survivors in desperate need. Amira, Seamus, and Vince didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. Their community skills and collective strength became a beacon of hope for others navigating the same Soulless-infested world.


The journey wasn’t without its losses and hardships. They faced moments of despair, but each time, Amira’s compassion, Seamus’s harmony with nature, and Vince’s competitive spirit pulled them through. In the face of adversity, they discovered their unique perspectives and strengths complemented one another, creating a resilient and tightly-knit group.


As they watched a sunrise over the city skyline, Amira, Seamus, and Vince reflected on the world they had known and the one they were building together. In their united front against the Soulless, they found not just survival but the promise of a new beginning. Compassion, sustainability, and strength prevailed against the relentless threat that lurked outside their haven.

3 The Hardway



Perspective on Soulless: "The Soulless is a reminder of the importance of unity and cooperation. Together, we can leverage our MMA skills to defend ourselves and create a haven against the Soulless threat. It's not just about individual strength; it's about the collective power we can harness. As the protector of my brother, Vince, I understand the necessity of unity in facing this threat. His condition leaves him vulnerable to harm, and it's my duty to ensure that we stand together as a cohesive unit, ready to defend each other against any danger that may arise."

Perspective on the Apocalypse: "The apocalypse is an opportunity for personal growth and fostering strong bonds. We can learn from each other, adapt, and build a resilient community while safeguarding ourselves from the Soulless. It's about turning adversity into an opportunity for connection. As I navigate this new world alongside my brother, Vince, I see the challenges we face as opportunities to strengthen our bond and forge deeper connections with those around us. Together, we can overcome any obstacle and emerge stronger, both individually and as a community."

Perspective on Survival: "Survival means not only physical strength but also emotional resilience. It's about supporting each other, providing comfort, and finding moments of joy amidst adversity, all while defending against the Soulless threat. My role as my brother's protector extends beyond physical defense; it also entails offering emotional support and ensuring his well-being in a world filled with uncertainty and danger. By fostering a sense of unity and compassion within our community, we can navigate the challenges of survival with resilience and strength."

Unique Outlook on Life: Amira believes in the power of compassion and empathy, promoting a sense of unity and emotional well-being within the group. She ensures their safety from the Soulless while fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding. As Vince's sister, she feels a deep sense of responsibility to protect him from harm, both physical and emotional. Her compassionate nature and unwavering dedication to his well-being make her an indispensable member of the group, fostering a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and supported.

Community Skills: Amira excels at building and maintaining relationships, mediating conflicts, and nurturing a supportive atmosphere within the community, which is essential for their survival against the Soulless. Her ability to empathize with others and foster a sense of unity and understanding makes her a natural leader within the group. By promoting open communication and cooperation, she helps strengthen the bonds holding their community together, ensuring their collective well-being in the face of adversity.

Reason to Live: Amira's reason for living is to create a compassionate and inclusive community where everyone feels valued and supported. She envisions a future where unity prevails, fostering a sense of belonging and hope while protecting themselves from the Soulless. Her unwavering commitment to her brother's well-being and their fellow survivors drives her to strive for a better future, where compassion and empathy guide their actions and relationships.

Amira's protective instincts toward her brother, Vince, are deeply ingrained and driven by her awareness of his congenital insensitivity to pain (CIP) problem. She feels a profound responsibility to watch over him, knowing that his condition renders him vulnerable to unnoticed injuries and potential harm. Witnessing Vince's struggles, such as the incident where he couldn't figure out why he couldn't eat properly, serves as a stark reminder of the challenges he faces due to his CIP.

One particular memory stands out in Amira's mind—a moment of silent anguish as she watched Vince grapple with the simple act of eating. Unbeknownst to Vince, his jaw was broken during a fistfight with Seamus, their friend, over a trivial disagreement during a video game session. The irony of the situation wasn't lost on Amira; while Vince remained oblivious to his injury due to his CIP, she keenly felt the weight of her role as his protector.

Amira's vigilance extends beyond monitoring Vince's physical well-being; she is also acutely aware of his tendency to engage in reckless behavior, especially when provoked by Seamus. She often finds herself intervening to prevent street fights between the two, knowing that Vince's inability to feel pain puts him at a distinct disadvantage in such confrontations. Despite their close bond, Amira understands the risks inherent in Vince's condition and is determined to shield him from harm to the best of her ability.

Her role as Vince's protector is not one she takes lightly; it's a constant balancing act between allowing him the freedom to live his life and ensuring his safety in a world fraught with dangers. Through her unwavering vigilance and unconditional love, Amira stands as a steadfast guardian, watching over her brother with a fierce determination born of deep familial bonds and unyielding devotion.



Perspective on Soulless: "The Soulless is a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of respecting nature. They are a consequence of humanity's disregard for the environment, a wake-up call to live in harmony with the Earth. As a descendant of the gods, I feel a deep responsibility to protect the natural world and restore the balance that has been disrupted by our actions. Each encounter with the Soulless serves as a solemn reminder of the consequences of our hubris and the urgent need to mend our relationship with the planet."

Perspective on the Apocalypse: "The apocalypse is an opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to embrace simplicity, and reconnect with the Earth and its natural rhythms while protecting ourselves from the Soulless threat. It's about learning from our mistakes and forging a sustainable path forward. My family's belief in our divine lineage instills in me a profound respect for the Earth, guiding my actions as I navigate this new world. By embracing the wisdom of our ancestors and living in harmony with nature, we can overcome the challenges of the apocalypse and build a better future for generations to come."

Perspective on Survival: "Survival means finding harmony with nature, utilizing my MMA skills for self-defense, and prioritizing sustainable practices. It's about resource management, coexisting with the environment, and ensuring a balanced existence against the Soulless. My inherent strength, passed down through generations of my family, is a gift from the gods—a reminder of our divine connection to the Earth and our responsibility to protect it. By living in harmony with nature and respecting its boundaries, we can ensure our survival while preserving the sanctity of the natural world."

Unique Outlook on Life: Seamus has a profound appreciation for nature, believes in living harmoniously with the environment, finds beauty in its simplicity, and protects the group from the Soulless by emphasizing a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. His family's belief in their divine ancestry has instilled in him a deep reverence for the Earth and its inhabitants, shaping his worldview and guiding his actions as he navigates the challenges of the apocalypse. By embracing his heritage and honoring the natural world, Seamus serves as a guardian of the Earth, inspiring others to follow his lead in protecting the planet from harm.

Community Skills: Seamus excels in foraging, hunting, and teaching others about sustainable practices. He becomes the eco-conscious guide of the group, emphasizing the importance of building a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly community to withstand the Soulless threat. His innate connection to the Earth and his reverence for nature make him a natural leader in the group, guiding them towards a more sustainable way of life and fostering a sense of unity and purpose in their fight against the forces of darkness.

Reason to Live: Seamus envisions a future where humanity lives in harmony with nature. His reason to live is to protect and restore the balance between humans and the environment, defending against the Soulless while fostering a sustainable and peaceful existence. As a guardian of the Earth and a descendant of the gods, he is driven by a deep sense of purpose and a profound love for the natural world, inspiring others to join him in his quest to create a better future for all living beings.






















































Perspective on Soulless: "The Soulless are opponents I can outmaneuver and overpower using my MMA skills. They are a physical challenge that fuels my competitive spirit, turning every encounter into a test of strength and agility. However, I must approach each confrontation with caution, as my congenital insensitivity to pain poses a unique challenge. While others may recoil from injury, I must rely on my instincts and heightened awareness to anticipate their moves and protect myself from harm."

Perspective on the Apocalypse: "The apocalypse is a chance for me to tap into my primal instincts and embrace my warrior spirit. It's about proving my resilience in the face of chaos, protecting ourselves from the Soulless, and turning survival into a relentless competition against the odds. My CIP may seem like an advantage, but it also requires me to be hyper-vigilant, as I cannot rely on pain to alert me to danger. Every moment is a battle for survival, and I must stay one step ahead of the Soulless to ensure our safety."

Perspective on Survival: "Survival means being one step ahead, always thinking strategically, and using my physical prowess to protect myself and those around me from the Soulless threat. It's about adapting, evolving, and staying ahead of the game. My unique condition presents both challenges and opportunities—I may not feel pain like others. Still, I must also be vigilant against injuries that could go unnoticed until it's too late. By remaining agile and resourceful, I can navigate this hostile world and ensure the survival of our group."

Unique Outlook on Life: Vince is relentlessly determined to overcome any obstacle, viewing life as an arena where he can constantly test and improve himself, ensuring the group's safety with his warrior mentality. His CIP serves as a reminder of the fragility of life, driving him to push himself beyond his limits and inspire others to do the same. In the darkest moments, he remains a beacon of strength and resilience, guiding the group with unwavering determination and unwavering courage.

Community Skills: Vince emerges as a natural leader, inspiring others with his unwavering determination, motivating the group to push their limits and evolve to survive the Soulless. His unique perspective and keen strategic mind make him a valuable asset to the group, guiding them through the trials of the apocalypse with courage and conviction. Despite the challenges they face, Vince remains steadfast in his belief that together, they can overcome any obstacle and rebuild a world where strength and courage prevail.

Reason to Live: Vince's reason to live stems from his belief in embracing the darkness, chaos, and destruction of the undead assault. To him, the apocalypse represents a dream come true, a world where the rules of society no longer apply and where he can thrive amidst the turmoil. From the moment the undead assault begins, Vince feels at home in the darkness, seeing it not as an end but as a new beginning.

His unwavering determination and indomitable spirit serve as a source of inspiration for Vincent Junior, Amira, and Kate, urging them to embrace the darkness alongside him. Vince finds solace in praising Malphas, a dark and powerful Drogan God whose domain encompasses the very essence of chaos and destruction. He sees the undead apocalypse as a testament to Malphas' power, a chance for humanity to shed its old skin and rise anew in the shadow of darkness.

For Vince, the undead apocalypse is not a tragedy but a divine opportunity. He believes that in these dark times, true liberation lies in embracing the chaos and destruction surrounding them. His fervent devotion to Malphas and his unwavering faith in the power of darkness inspire those around him to cast aside fear and uncertainty and, instead, embrace the darkness as the harbinger of a new dawn.

With Vince's guidance, Vincent Junior, Amira, and Kate find strength in the darkness, drawing upon their inner resolve to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. Together, they stand united in their belief that there is the promise of a better tomorrow in the midst of chaos—a tomorrow shaped by the darkness and guided by the unwavering spirit of those who dare to defy the odds.






























Chapter 2:




9. A Clash in the Night

10. Death Symphony











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