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Page 3: A Hallowed Pursuit



Seamus scanned the chaotic panorama, the distant echoes of violence resonating like a grim symphony, adding a disquieting layer to their conversation. His steely gaze traversed between Amira? and Vince, a sense of urgency permeating every word. “We have to find her fast and get off of the streets, and it looks like we won't be able to get far out here. They are enforcing Martial law heavily, and the situation is escalating. We need to find a safe place, away from all of this. I don’t want any of us getting caught up in this mess.”


Amira nodded in solemn agreement, her eyes mirroring the fear that clung to the air like an invisible shroud. “Fuck the girl Seamus. We need to go get my son." Vince marked Amira.


"Vince cut the shit. Your son is safe in the house; Ruthia is out here with some psychopath,” he narrowed his brows.


"Fuck this, we need to go to my son and his mother. Why the fuck are we debating? Fuck that kid!" Suddenly, the distant sounds of commotion intensified, a cacophony of chaos that underscored the urgency of their quest for safety amidst the disturbing backdrop of a city spiraling into turmoil.


As they began to move, the atmosphere thickened with tension. At that very moment, the harsh glare of flashing lights illuminated the alleyway, and the distant wail of sirens grew louder. The trio exchanged uneasy glances as a formidable presence emerged — a SWAT team advancing from the depths of the alley, their weapons drawn and aimed at violent figures in the distance.


Seamus tightened his grip on the situation, his voice edged with urgency. “Stay low, stay quiet. We need to avoid drawing attention to ourselves. It seems like we're on our own. We can't depend on no one but ourselves." He made eye contact with Vince. "But Kate and Junior were in the house the last you spoke to them before the service went out..” He looked at his wife, “How is your head feeling?”


Seamus maintained a firm grasp on the unfolding situation, his words laced with urgency. They all noticed that the SWAT officers were also using live ammunition. “Stay low, stay quiet. We need to avoid drawing attention to ourselves. The city’s out of control, and we can’t afford to be mistaken for hostiles.” His concerned gaze then shifted to Amira. “How is your head feeling?”


Wide-eyed and clearly disturbed by the chaos around them, Amira whispered, dodging the question, “This is insane. What’s happening to this city? Why are they killing people?” Despite the internal unease, she was holding up, though not at a hundred percent.


Ever watchful of their surroundings, Vince responded, “Looks like they’re trying to do a little bit more than contain the violence. I say we have a little fun.” Vince picked up a brick and lunged it at the officers.


"Vince!" Amira grabbed her brother by the back of his shirt. "Let's go!" The trio moved cautiously through the labyrinthine streets, their footsteps echoing against the unsettling symphony of a city in the throes of chaos.


As they pressed forward, Seamus persisted, “Everyone is in panic. We need to stay focused on finding Ruthia and making our way to the Air B&B. Let's need to navigate through this mess; we'll figure out what’s really going on.” His reassurance carried a weight of determination.


Amira, attempting to push away the overwhelming emotions, finally responded, “It won't happen again, Seamus. I wasn’t focused... Let’s just keep moving.” Her voice, though tinged with concern, held a resilient note.


Vince, ever the pragmatic force in the group, added, “I say we cut straight through the SWAT and figure out our next move.”


"Shut up; who the fuck do you think we are, the got damn Expendables? We stay clear and move forward," said Amira. And the trio continued their careful progress through the city’s once-familiar streets, now cloaked in uncertainty and danger. Each step held a shared determination to navigate the chaos and emerge at Vince's ex and kid, hopefully, with Ruthia.


As they hurriedly navigated the chaotic streets, the clamor of fear and determination echoed in their racing hearts. The deafening barrage of gunfire surrounded them; smoke rushed through the sky from many directions. Each shot is a harsh reminder of the escalating violence. The SWAT team, their presence ominous, unleashed live rounds into the crowded streets, turning the city into a war zone. Despite the mayhem, they clung to their determination, refusing to let despair seize control. 


The streets pulsed with an unsettling rhythm as they darted through the labyrinthine alleys. Multiple shots reverberated in every direction, creating a disorienting symphony of chaos. Amidst the turmoil, the trio knew that finding a haven would be an uphill battle, but they pressed on, driven by a shared resilience.


Amira’s eyes caught a disturbing tableau at the rear of a vehicle in a momentary pause. A young teen boy, seemingly lifeless, lay on the street beneath the bumper. The macabre scene unfolded as another teen appeared to be feeding off his open gut. The grim reality of the situation cast a shadow over their journey, a stark reminder of the brutality that had engulfed the city. Out of nowhere, a man shouted. The trio turned their attention and noticed two older women wrestling the man down as they bit chunks from his neck and shoulder. Then, Vince, Amira, and Seamus all watch as another man takes a shotgun to the woman and man.


Seamus, grim-faced, muttered, “What the fuck, man. We need to keep moving. We need to figure out how to get Ruthia out of this mess and head to Junior and Kate.”


Amira, shaken by the gruesome sight, shook her head in disagreement. “What if you’re wrong about this, Seamus? We can’t stay out in the opening. Let’s get to the apartment and find Ruthia after.”


Vince, scanning their surroundings with a sense of urgency, added, “Stay close, stay focused. We can’t afford to be sidetracked by the bullshit around us. Our priority is getting to Junior.”


"We can't forget about Ruthia, Vince." Seamus reminded him.


"Who?" Vince looked confused. "I don't know this little bitch y'all keep placing before my son."


"Vince, come on. That's not what this is." Seamus set forth. The trio pressed forward. Vince's anger plastered across his face; the city’s once-familiar streets now transformed into a nightmarish labyrinth where survival demanded both resilience and shared determination.


The SWAT truck turned the corner a few blocks away. 


Seamus, Amira, and Vince found themselves caught in the midst of chaos, the city around them descending into a nightmarish state. As they stood momentarily paused, the distant wail of sirens and the echoing gunfire underscored the urgency of their situation.


Seamus, his gaze shifting between Amira and Vince, spoke with an edge of urgency, "We can't stay here. The city's falling apart, and Ruthia's out there somewhere. We need a plan, and we need to stick together."


Amira, her fear and frustration palpable, retorted, "Seamus, we can't ignore the safety of my brothers' son and Kate. We can't just abandon them or set them to the side. We need to get to them, and then we can figure out how to find Ruthia."


Vince, ever the impulsive force, interjected, "To hell with plans. I need to get to my family. Seamus, you're talking about some girl I don't even know, and Amira, Junior is your nephew. We can't leave them stranded."


Seamus, trying to maintain a sense of control, responded, "I get it, Vince, but we can't let panic dictate our actions. Ruthia is a child, and she's in danger. We can't just turn our backs on her."


Vince, frustrated, picked up a discarded brick and slammed it against a nearby wall, "I'm not turning my back on my family! We need to go to them now!"


Amira, torn between familial loyalty and the responsibility to a child in jeopardy, pleads, "Seamus, please, we can find Ruthia, but we can't leave Vince's family in the dark. They need us, too."


As they debated, the distant sounds of commotion intensified, and the harsh glare of flashing lights illuminated the alleyway. The trio exchanged uneasy glances, realizing that their heated discussion could draw unwanted attention in the chaotic environment.

Seamus, recognizing the immediate threat, urged, "We need to move, but we also need a plan. Let's find a place to regroup, assess the situation, and decide on our next steps. We can't afford to be reckless."


Amira, still torn between the safety of her family and the urgency of finding Ruthia, reluctantly agreed, "Fine, but we can't waste time. Ruthia's life is at stake here."


Vince, frustrated but realizing the need for a strategy, added, "We get to my family first, make sure they're safe, and then we focus on this Ruthia situation. But we need to get to Junior fast."


As the trio cautiously navigated the labyrinthine streets, the distant sounds of gunfire and chaos reminded them of their perilous situation. The debate lingered, echoing through the desolate streets as they pressed forward, uncertain of what awaited them around the next corner.


Seamus, a man of composure amidst the chaos, spotted a nearby building that appeared to be a haven from the surrounding disorder. “Look over there,” he pointed, his voice cutting through the unsettling symphony of the city’s descent into anarchy. “That building looks secure. Let’s try to get inside and let the SWAT pass by..”


The trio hastened toward the building, their strides gaining urgency as they sought refuge from the madness that had engulfed the streets. As they drew closer, it became evident that the entrance was locked, a padlock erected to ward off potential intruders.


Shots were fired, too close for comfort. Seamus, his mind a whirlwind of strategic considerations, took a deep breath. “We need to find a way in. If we can secure this building, we’ll have a safe space to plan our next move.” The weight of responsibility hung in the air as he surveyed the barricade, contemplating the best course of action.


Amira, eyes scanning their surroundings, voiced her concern, “How do we get through this? We can’t afford to waste time.”


Vince, ever practical, replied, “I say fuck hiding. We can fight our way through this." He noticed the look his little sister gave him. "We’ll need to kick the shit in. It’s our best shot at getting inside right now. Move the fuck out of the way.”


Seamus disagreed, his gaze fixed on the building’s exterior. “Find something to break this damn lock.” He pointed at the padlock. The trio, always a tightly-knit unit, began a meticulous examination of the building’s perimeter, their collective focus on finding a way inside the potential sanctuary that loomed before them as citizens of Santa Monica fled, fought, and defended themselves in fear.


Vince, perpetually resourceful in the face of adversity, scanned the immediate surroundings, searching for any tools or objects that could aid them in breaching the barricade. “There,” he pointed with a sense of discovery. “I see a metal rod next to that body, the one near that green abandoned vehicle. I don't think he'll be using it. It might help us break the lock.”


Seamus, with a determined nod, and Amira, wide-eyed but resolute, followed Vince towards the body and abandoned vehicle. Vince swiftly retrieved the rod and handed it to Seamus, who took the makeshift tool, a silent understanding passing between them. The trio approached the barricade, the weight of anticipation palpable in the air.


Seamus, examining the barricade with a thoughtful gaze, voiced his plan, “We need to be quick and efficient. Once we’re in, we’ll secure the building and figure out our next steps.”


Looking around anxiously, Amira added, “I just hope we’re not drawing too much attention. This city is a war zone.”


With a reassuring grin, Vince responded, “We’ll get through this. Stick close, stay quiet, and let’s get inside.”


Seamus, positioning himself in front of the makeshift barrier, steadied his grip on the rod. “Here goes nothing.” With a forceful motion, he drove the rod into a weak point in the barricade, the sound of strained metal cutting through the tense air. The trio, focused and united, held their breath as the padlock yielded, creating an opportunity for them to breach the secured building.


Seamus placed the rod inside the metal loop of the padlock on the barricade. He used his foot to kick the rod in an attempt to break the padlock. The resounding pounding of metal filled the air. Bit by bit, they persevered; their collective efforts did away at the metal until it yielded. Seamus snatched away the lock, opened the screen, and used his shoulder to ram the door twice before it gave way.


A palpable sense of relief washed over them as they stepped into the building. The chaos outside felt distant once the door shut behind them. The muted calmness of their newfound shelter provided a temporary respite from the urban pandemonium. In the semi-darkness of the building's interior, they took a moment to catch their breath, the echoes of their hurried footsteps replaced by the quiet hum of the enclosed space despite the random gun-firing and occasional screams and shouts.


Seamus, the architect of their escape, turned to Amira and Vince, a determined spark in his eyes. "We made it. Now, let's gather our thoughts and come up with a strategy. We'll go to Junior and Kate. Then we'll find Ruthia, no matter what it takes. We're in this all the way."


Amira, still processing the intensity of their escape, nodded in agreement. "Agreed. But where do we start? The city is in chaos, and we have no idea where Ruthia might be."