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Page 2: Fervor Amidst Chaos



Residents of communities from all over gathered in the streets, where they all created a state of great disturbance through uproars, mayhem, and other sorts of chaos. Blood has been staining the streets, bones being broken; lives have been for the taking for the last day. Ignorance fills the minds of the majority, causing disorder. But a little girl, who has lost all comprehension is about to reach complete perplexity as she witnesses a woman she knows very well become reanimated in her very sight.


Vince? and Seamus had Amira up on her feet with her arms over each of their shoulders as they escorted her toward the corner. Seamus faced back to gain a view of the little girl and noticed her peering at Ms. Linda, who was just five feet away from Ruthia. “You got her, Vince?” Seamus released Amira into Vince’s possession. Vince, confusion showed across his face, while turning to investigate the situation.


Seamus waved for the heavily wounded woman. “Ms. Linda...” His voice was compassionate as the words were released from his mouth. “Please... Lay down, you’re shot. Ms.” He pleaded.


Though Ms. Linda just kept pushing in the little girl’s direction. Ruthia stood motionless as the woman reached out to grab a hold of her; Seamus forced his way in between the two. Grabbing the woman by the shoulders. “Please, Ms. Linda.” He tries to talk her down.


“Holy shit!” Vince aired. He caught Seamus’s attention.


Together, they all witnessed the massive, all-black, six-wheeled truck turning the corner with big bold white letters. “SWAT?” Seamus blurted in relief.


“DON'T LET HER BITE YOU!” The small voice of the child was sharp and demanding. Seamus gawks at the sight of the woman’s mouth full of blood and wide open, trying to take a chunk out of his left wrist. He quickly uses his right hand to fist her ponytail and snatch her head back and away from his wrist. She quickly retreats and goes for the right arm. He then releases her hair and shoves her away. She landed with force, rolling back and stopping on the back of her head and shoulders with her bottom up. Seamus began to help the woman, but the young child took hold of Seamus’s left arm before he could lay a finger upon her. “No! She’s infected!” She screamed as she pulled.


“GET! DOWN!” Yelled a SWAT officer over the bullhorn right before another officer let loose some tear gas while some other officers fired bean bags to cease the action. "THIS IS THE POLICE! I REPEAT! GET! DOWN!"


“We gotta move!” Seamus strongly informed the others.


Then Amira announced that she felt unstable as she mumbled. “I can’t. I’m gonna lay here. The police will help. They will take us to the camp.” Trying to fall to the ground, Amira was held up by Vince, using his right arm alone as her arm rested over his shoulder.


“Come on, Amira, We gotta get going. I thought you were tougher than this.” Vince teased as he dragged her behind Seamus and the little girl who was jogging through the now scattering crowds in the streets.


Seamus leads them to an alleyway between two shops, where both stores are being terrorized. Once Seamus reached the alley, he stopped and turned to wait for Vince and Amira to arrive as he hid the little girl behind him inside the alley.


Seamus felt the little girl’s hand snatch away. He turned his focus behind him and noticed that she was being pulled down the alley by a man holding his hand over her mouth. Seamus charged. Ruthia elbowed the man and kicked his legs, but it had no effect. Seamus reached them as another man swung a 2x4.


Seamus was struck against the side of the head. Vince entered the alley. He saw Seamus on all fours and a huge man standing above him about to start wailing at his childhood friend. “SEAMUS!” Shouted, Amira.


Vince released Amira so quickly that she didn’t have time to prepare herself. She fell to her knees, watching the man pound Seamus’s back three hard times before Vince reached him. The humongous man hurls the stick at Vince’s head, and Vince ducks, then quickly delivers two body shots. Left, right. The large man fumbles the 2x4. Then he reaches out to grab Vince, but Vince dismisses his hands immediately, letting his tongue hang before grabbing hold of the man’s head and springing up, using his right knee to smash directly into the enormous man’s face. Blood splattered over his knee.


As Vince’s foot touched the ground, he was grabbed from behind by another unknown man. This one was a lot smaller than the last; He was still pretty big. But still no match for a former number one boxing Championship Contender. Vince felt how sloppy his hold was, "Wooo!" Vince howled before he leaned right and threw back a swift, sharp left elbow. The man slumped over his shoulder asleep. The first humongous man gained his focus and swung a haymaker. Vince turned, allowing him to connect with the man asleep on his back. The hit contained so much power that Vince and the sleeper fell against the dumpster, which was set against the wall.


The man fell from Vince's back to the ground as the power stummered Vince. The huge man kicked Vince in the back, knocking him to the ground. He took hold of Vince by the shirt and pants, then slung him into the dumpster, leaving the dumpster dented. Vince chuckled. People flooded the alleyway to escape the SWAT team. Seamus sat with his back against the dumpster; another ferociously large man lifted his leg to stomp Seamus’s head. Seamus swiftly kicked the man's inner thigh, causing his attacker to fall off balance. Seamus turned his body, now facing down, supporting himself with the palms of his hands. He used his legs to wrap around the big man’s neck. The man was strong. Being so close to the beach made this area well-known for being buff and chiseled. The bodybuilder tried to raise himself to his feet while being stifled.


Vince used the arch of his foot to kick the guy's leg off balance, propelling him back to the ground. The humongous man struggled with the two of them but was easily tamed as large groups of people passed by. The 2x4 that the humongous guy once held came crashing down upon his ribs, taking the fight out of him with every blow she delivered. Amira stood slouched slightly forward. The large fella was soon unconscious when Seamus caught sight of several individuals screaming and falling at the start of the alley; he released the man and sprung to his feet completely while facing backward.


“We go now...” He ordered. Vince and Amira staggered behind. “Where’d she go? Anybody see?” Seamus was anxious for a leading response but failed to get one. He just received two dumbfounded stares as they followed behind. They checked block after block, alley after alley. Looking in cars and checking through windows.


Once Seamus enters an alleyway, he turns his gaze behind him and notices that Vince and Amira are huddled at the beginning of the alley. Seamus adjusts himself to face his friends. “Come on... What are you doing?” Seamus, a question full of confusion.


“We're spending too much time on this girl, Seamus!” Yelled Amira. "We have to go..." Amira paused.


"Look out, Seamus!" The urgent warning came simultaneously from Vince and Amira. They had spotted three menacing SWAT figures emerging from the shadows. The officers, each of them armed with rifles that glinted ominously under the dim lights, were charging at an alarming speed straight toward Seamus. As the chilling realization of the impending danger hit him, Seamus found himself instinctively raising his hands in a gesture of surrender. His heart pounded in his chest like a war drum, echoing the adrenaline that surged through his veins. However, to his surprise, the armed men didn't slow down. They simply brushed past him, their heavy boots echoing on the cobblestones, and disappeared as swiftly as they had appeared, exiting the narrow alleyway and leaving Seamus, Vince, and Amira in stunned silence.


Once the men were passing Vince and Amira, Seamus advised the two of them to tag along. “We need to help that little girl.” Amira disagreed, and Vince took her side and tried to bargain with Seamus.


“Come on, Seamus, we have to find a way to them! We need a car, so we could...”


Seamus interjected, erupting without any contemplation. “You kidding me?” Vince looked puzzled as Seamus continued. “Look... You guys head for Junior; I gotta find the kid?”


“Seamus, please, wait. We're coming.” Amira implies and nudges her brother along.


Then Vince blurted out. “Seamus, you stubborn son of a bitch!" Vince and Amira headed in Seamus's direction. "But we don’t have time for this!” Seamus, seeing Vince’s point in the matter. He locked eyes with Vince. As he backed away, bobbing his head, he uttered out.


“You’re absolutely right.” Seamus turned while in motion and sprinted deeper into the alleyway.